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Brazil's Illegitimate President: Tainted by Corruption, Scorned at the UN, Praised by Joe Biden

Brazil’s Illegitimate President: Tainted by Corruption, Scorned at the UN, Praised by Joe Biden

Michel Temer heads Brazil’s illegitimately installed coup d’etat regime, a deplorable figure, widely reviled at home, scorned by six Latin and Central American nations at the UN’s 71st General Assembly session.

Delegations from Bolivia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela boycotted proceedings when it was his turn to speak, remarks delivered ignoring his illegitimacy to serve.

On September 24, the Wall Street Journal said Brazil’s Supreme Court authorized “prosecutors to open a probe into corruption allegations,” involving Temer and members of his regime, pertaining to illegally solicited campaign donations.

According to state oil company Petrobras subsidiary Transperto’s former head Sergio Machado, Temer sought illegal campaign contributions when running to become Sao Paulo’s mayor.

Funds were gotten through a bribery scheme related to Petrobras contracts. Already found guilty of campaign finance law violations, barring him from seeking public office for eight years after his coup d’etat term expires in late 2018, Temer faces possible charges if prosecutors find enough evidence to indict him after he leaves office.

Brazil’s government is corruption-infested. Seven ministers resigned over corruption-related issues, including efforts to block investigations.

Days earlier, authorities arrested former finance minister Guido Mantega over alleged kickbacks, related to when he was Petrobras chairman.

Ahead of his Friday General Assembly address, Temer told US business leaders in New York that (democratically elected) President Dilma Rouseff was ousted over her opposition to neoliberal harshness, now imposed with him in charge.

The plot to oust Rousseff began a year ago. Temer’s Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) prepared a scheme called “A Bridge for the Future” - involving deep social program cuts, increasing the retirement age, and privatization of state enterprises.

Rousseff opposed it. Trumped up charges against her followed related to nonexistent budgeting improprieties, then illegal impeachment and ouster from office - another triumph for monied interests, social justice the big loser.

The Wall Street Journal said Temer, while head of state, won’t likely face accountability over corruption issues, involving himself and high-level members” of his regime - thanks to special legal protections afforded to sitting Brazilian presidents.”

Former PMDB House Speaker Eduardo Cunha was ousted from Congress weeks earlier - indicted on charges of money laundering and other corruption-related issues.

On September 22, a Joe Biden press release said “(t)he Vice President met today with President Michel Temer of Brazil to renew their friendship and discuss opportunities for deeper cooperation between the United States and Brazil.”‎ 

“The Vice President commended President Temer for his commitment to maintaining Brazil's regional and global leadership role during the recent period of political change in Brazil.” 

“The two leaders discussed prospects for Brazilian energy reform and economic modernization. They also pledged to work together to promote legal and orderly migration in the hemisphere and deepen cooperation in Central America and Haiti.” 

“The Vice President and President Temer agreed to remain in regular communication and work together to advance good governance, security and prosperity throughout the hemisphere.”

Washington wants all independent governments replaced by ones serving its interests. It’s virtually certain its dirty hands were involved in illegally ousting Rousseff, installing Temer as her coup d’etat replacement.

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Former NBA Star Stoops to Bashing Trump for Hillary

Former NBA Star Stoops to Bashing Trump for Hillary

by Stephen Lendman

Was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s op-ed headlined “Trump Is So Scared That He Wants Us to Dismantle the Constitution” his own idea, or was he put up to it - published in the viciously anti-Trump neocon Washington Post?

He seems clueless about the deplorable state of America - bipartisan established tyranny, headed for full-blown, presidents Bush, Obama and whoever becomes next US president operating under a post-9/11 police state apparatus, notably Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act constitution-violating principles, along with flagrantly breaching international law on issues of human rights and what constitutes naked aggression.

He should have written an op-ed titled, “Rogue State America: Its Endless War on Humanity at Home and Abroad.” He would have been honest and forthright instead of stumping for Hillary - a recklessly dangerous presidential aspirant he should forthrightly denounce.

Whatever his many faults - who ever heard of a good guy billionaire - Trump never waged war on other countries. He’s not responsible for bipartisan neocon mass slaughter and destruction.

He hasn’t violated constitutional, international or US statute laws. As president, if elected, he’ll pursue dirty business as usual for sure, like the 1990s Clinton co-presidency, GW Bush and Obama, heading the neoliberal/neocon criminal cabal running America. 

As unacceptable as he's likely to be if elected in November, Hillary is infinitely worse, a lunatic fringe war goddess, assuring greater war on humanity than already.

Abdul-Jabbar disgraced himself bashing Fidel Castro, a legend in his own time, a widely respected international hero, the world’s preeminent anti-imperial, anti-war, anti-nuclear weapons, social justice champion, calling him a “bully,” comparing him to Hitler, displaying profound ignorance and shameless disregard for the truth.

At the same time, he ignored Hillary Clinton’s despicable record from the neoliberal 90s through her tenure of secretary of state, along with using the Clinton Foundation as a money-laundering, self-enrichment racket masquerading as a charitable NGO.

Both Clintons and Obama belong in prison for the highest of high crimes, unfit for any public office. Trump can only be judged by what’s known about his business record as it pertains to how he might govern - along with his distinctly politically incorrect rhetoric much of the time, toned down considerably in recent weeks, focusing on appearing presidential.

Abdul-Jabbar’s op-ed looks suspiciously like anti-Trump bashing written for him, using his name, capitalizing on his persona, letting himself be used instead of scrupulously getting his facts straight.

He ignored fantasy democracy, governance of, by and for its privileged few alone, duopoly power running things, independent candidates shut out, ordinary people ruthlessly exploited - real unemployment at Depression era levels, poverty and deepening tyranny the nation’s lead growth industries, while homelessness, hunger and overall deprivation affect millions, Blacks and Latinos harmed most.

He sounded buffoon-like, saying “we are in danger of retreating from building the America we’re all supposed to be proud of, one that protects all and offers equal opportunity to all.”

Is it the same America waging endless wars of aggression against nonbelligerent countries - responsible for millions of deaths post-9/11 alone? Is it the one seeking global conquest and world dominance?

Is it the nation enforcing police state harshness on anyone challenging its ruthlessness, filling its worldwide gulag with thousands of political prisoners?

Is it the United States of I Don’t Care serving wealth, power and privilege exclusively at the expense of most others? Is it the one responsible for engineering the greatest wealth transfer from ordinary America to corporate predators and its super-rich elites?

Physically, Abdul-Jabbar stands over 7-feet tall. His op-ed showed he’s an ideological pygmy - one-sidedly bashing Trump to help “trigger-happy” Hillary.

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Syrian Conflict Unresolvable As Long As Washington Wants War

Syrian Conflict Unresolvable As Long As Washington Wants War

by Stephen Lendman

All the toing, froing and diplomatic mumbo jumbo in the world won’t end conflicts when one side rejects resolution.

America isn’t an honest broker, never was, never will be, especially with neocon lunatics influencing policy - heading toward controlling it if Hillary succeeds Obama, most likely as things now stand, threatening world peace and security like never before. 

Russia alone negotiates honorably and forthrightly, sincerely wanting resolution in Syria (and Ukraine). Yet its best efforts consistently fail. Why? Because Washington refuses solutions short of imposing its will unilaterally. 

Hegemons operate this way. Endless conflicts continue in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. No prospect for peace exists in any US war theater.

Syria’s UN envoy Bashar al-Jaafari correctly said America “is not a genuine broker and they do not have the will to respect the terms of reference of their own agreement with the Russians. Washington was not even able to respect the terms of reference for seven days.”

“(E)nough is enough,” he stressed. “(T)he mask has fallen and we are fed up. We are not doing anything wrong. We are defending our country by all” legal means.

Jaafari blamed Washington, Riyadh, Turkey, Qatar and their  rogue allies for sending terrorists to kill Syrians.

It’s no easy task for any diplomat having to deal with Washington, a painful experience, knowing the futility of efforts exerted. Sergey Lavrov has the patience of Job to a fault.

He has the unfortunate responsibility of having to deal with America’s criminal class, represented by John Kerry, a deplorable character like virtually all others in Washington - not a peace champion in the administration or on Capitol Hill.

America is a warrior state. Its bloated defense (sic) budget, empire of bases and endless wars reveal its true character. No amount of negotiating can change cold, hard reality.

Wars serve Washington’s agenda. Peace and stability defeat it. Putin, Lavrov and other Russian officials understand. So why do they pursue the unattainable?

Why do they talk endlessly with no results or prospects for any while Syrians die - scores, maybe hundreds daily, mostly defenseless civilians in harm’s way?

On Friday, Sergey Lavrov addressed the UN General Assembly honorably and forthrightly - polar opposite Obama’s demagoguery earlier in the week.

Yet it’s baffling why Lavrov calls “separat(ing) the so-called moderate opposition from terrorists…fundamentally important” when he knows all anti-government forces are US-backed imported death squads, cutthroat killers, no “moderates” among them.

He’s right saying “refusal or inability” to achieve separation shows “some want to protect Jabhat al-Nusra (and other terrorists).”

It’s clear US “regime change plans still exist, which is the grossest violation of” Security Council Resolution 2254. Its provisions aim for conflict resolution, calling for “immediately ceas(ing) any attacks against civilians,” along with opposing sides (excluding SC designated terrorist groups) negotiating diplomatically to restore peace to a war-torn country.

Ceasefire and conflict resolution are unattainable as long as Washington and its rogue allies continue recruiting, arming, funding, training and directing terrorists with the aim of destroying Syrian sovereignty, replacing its legitimate government with pro-Western tyranny.

Lavrov calling it vital not to let Geneva negotiated ceasefire break down ignores what never existed - except on paper.

As long as rogue state America pursues its hegemonic agenda, endless good faith conflict resolution efforts by Russia or anyone else can’t work. Believing otherwise is foolhardy.

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State Department Stonewalling Release of Hillary's Emails

State Department Stonewalling Release of Hillary’s Emails

by Stephen Lendman

In response to US District Court Judge James Boasberg ordering the State Department to reveal the contents of around 1,050 pages of recovered Hillary emails, setting a time-schedule of 350 pages by October 7, another 350 by October 21 and the remainder by November 4, most potentially incriminating documents remain withheld with no indication of if or when they’ll be released.

The State Department said 5,600 of 15,100 FBI-recovered Hillary emails were government documents, including classified material, not personal communications as Hillary falsely claimed.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton issued a statement, saying “(t)he public deserves to know what is in those emails, well before November 8, and the State Department should not continue dragging its feet on producing them.”  

“The State Department admitted in court today it pulled staff off of Clinton email Freedom of Information Act requests. The American people need to pressure State to stop sitting on these new Clinton emails for political reasons and release them as the law requires.”  

“It is outrageous the State Department has had these new Clinton emails since late July, but has only released 5 records” - an “absolutely corrupt process,” Fitton stressed, a clear example of unaccountable obstruction of justice.

Commenting on Hillary’s email scandal, the Wall Street Journal said delay in releasing “newly discovered (ones) past election day” could continue controversy over this issue “into her first term in office if she wins the White House in November.”

A previous article discussed Hillary’s BleachBit controversy, software she used to make emails she wanted kept from public view disappear, rendering them unrecoverable.

What’s in them may be far more revealing than what’s known. She’s morally, ethically, legally and emotionally unfit to serve, compounded by possible serious health issues not disclosed.

Elevating her to president and commander-in-chief of America’s military should terrify everyone - humanity’s fate up for grabs with her in power.

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The NYT Lying Machine in Action

The NYT Lying Machine in Action

by Stephen Lendman

If ignorance is bliss, it’s achievable by following deplorable Times reports - journalism (sic) at its worst, including some of the most despicable misreporting on Obama’s war against Syria, naked aggression it won’t explain.

The Syrian Arab Republic was invaded, America and its rogue allies using terrorists as imperial foot soldiers. Throughout years of conflict, Assad responsibly defended his people and nation - no easy task against hegemonic ruthlessness.

After observing Geneva ceasefire terms throughout a seven-day regime of silence, despite continued attacks on its forces and civilian population, Assad responded responsibly, Syria’s military attacking US-supported terrorists masquerading as moderates.

Times misreporting followed, blaming Syria for combating terrorists massacring its people, saying resumption of bombing “opposition-held areas” in eastern Aleppo “knocked out running water to an estimated two million people.”

How possible in one portion of Aleppo, the entire city with a small fraction of its pre-war 2.3 million population?

The Times quoted James Le Mesurier, disgracefully calling Aleppo bombing “Dresden-esque” - an entire city US and UK forces mercilessly fire-bombed during WW II, turning 100,000 or more German civilians and wounded soldiers into molten flesh, despite the city having no military importance. 

Mesurier co-heads the Soros supported White Helmet terrorist group, deceptively calling themselves volunteer rescue workers, “Mayday Rescue,” according to Times misreporting.

Ahead of resuming its battle for Aleppo, Syria’s military announced “the start of operations in eastern districts of the city and call(ed) on residents to stay away from the positions of terrorist groups.”

Once Syria’s largest city and commercial hub, much of it lies in ruins, a testimony to US imperial viciousness. 

Times reports never explain, perpetuating the fiction of civil war, along with claiming nonexistent “moderate rebels” - disgracefully blaming Syrian and Russian forces for US-supported terrorists’ high crimes.

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Meaningless Middle East Quartet Criticism of Israeli Settlement Expansions

Meaningless Middle East Quartet Criticism of Israeli Settlement Expansions

by Stephen Lendman

The Quartet includes the UN, EU, US and Russia. Instead of acting responsibly long ago to halt continued theft of Palestinian land for Jews-only West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements, toothless criticism substituted earlier, repeated on Friday.

On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session in New York, the Quartet issued a meaningless statement expressing “strong opposition to ongoing settlement activity, which is an obstacle to peace, and expressed its grave concern that the acceleration of settlement construction and expansion (is) steadily eroding the viability of the two-state solution.”

Since 1967, a half century ago, Israel began establishing settlements on stolen Palestinian territory, seizing its most valued areas. It controls 60% of West Bank land, along with illegally annexed East Jerusalem.

Settlements flagrantly contravene international law. Fourth Geneva’s Article 49 states “(t)he occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.”

In July 2004, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled “Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, are illegal and an obstacle to peace and to economic and social development. (They were) established in breach of international law” on sovereign Palestinian land. 

Israel wants maximum Jews and minimum Arabs, ideally eliminating them altogether. Its high crimes go unpunished, including premeditated wars at its discretion, state terror as official policy and slow-motion genocide. It rejects peaceful conflict resolution, despite lofty rhetoric claiming otherwise.

The world community yawns, expresses occasional criticism and does nothing. Israel categorically opposes Palestinian self-determination.

The Quartet saying continued settlement expansions erode the chance for a two-state solution ignores reality. Israel won’t ever allow it - except perhaps on isolated bantustans on worthless scrubland. 

Nations with the power to change things responsibly have sat on their hands doing nothing for the past half century - letting Israel get away with mass murder and numerous other high crimes.

Nothing in prospect holds hope for Palestinians achieving long denied justice and liberation.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Farcical US Presidential Debates

Farcical US Presidential Debates

by Stephen Lendman

On September 26, the first of three farcical presidential “debates” will be held, Independent candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson excluded, American-style “democracy,” assuring duopoly power stays unopposed. 

So-called debates are political theater, nothing else, featuring pre-arranged questions, excluding ones most important to ask and demanding answers, not evasiveness.

Trump and Clinton alone will deliver pre-packaged, pre-scripted, well-rehearsed statements devoid of substance, excluding what voters most need to hear, leaving them uninformed, in the dark on where both candidates stand on vital domestic and geopolitical issues.

The charade is much like what goes on campaigning - hyperbole without substance, featuring lots of one-upsmanship tactics.

Don’t expect high-intensity screaming. Both candidates want to appear presidential. It’s part of the charade.

In August 2012, Jill Stein and her vice-presidential running-mate Cheri Honkala were lawlessly arrested, trying to enter the grounds of a Romney/Obama debate - both aspirants detained for eight hours, painfully shackled to chairs - police state viciousness. 

At the time, Stein condemned what she called “mock debate(s),” reflecting fantasy democracy, not the real thing, absent in America throughout its history - tragedy and farce instead.

Duopoly party bosses control the so-called Commission on Presidential Debates. Information of the Stein/Baraka web site said the following:

We're writing to ask you to join us at the first presidential debate on Monday, September 26, at Hofstra University in Hempstead, Long Island (25 miles east of New York City).”  

“Please RSVP below to come to Hofstra and participate in the protest.” Details to follow at the event. Signing up risks arrest. “Let us know if you want to participate in civil disobedience.”

“We may decide to have supporters attempt to escort our candidates into the debates.” On Sunday, September 25 in Manhattan, “nonviolent civil resistance training” will be held.

Supporters of fundamental rights in America know what they’re up against, denying them what’s constitutionally mandated.

When is a debate not one - when duopoly power rules prohibit democracy in action, when police state brutishness targets activists demanding their rights, when election outcomes are pre-arranged.

Dirty business as usual wins every time, governance of, by and for everyone equitably unattainable - self-delusion to think otherwise.

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Netanyahu's Litany of General Assembly Big Lies

Netanyahu’s Litany of General Assembly Big Lies

by Stephen Lendman

Just societies would arrest and detain him straightaway if arriving in their countries, followed by prosecution for crimes of war, against humanity and slow-motion genocide against defenseless Palestinians.

Under Universal Jurisdiction (UJ), nations may investigate and prosecute foreign nationals when their country of residence or origin won’t, can’t, or hasn’t for any reason.

Article 7 of the Charter of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg states:

“The official position of defendants, whether as Head of State or responsible officials in Government departments, shall not be considered as freeing them from responsibility or mitigating punishment.”

No one deserves immunity for high crimes demanding accountability. Netanyahu, like Obama, should be in prison, not high office.

On Thursday, Israel’s prime minister used the General Assembly platform to willfully deceive a world audience. He spoke about nonexistent “dangers.” Israel’s only threats are ones it invents.

“The people of Israel pray for peace,” he bellowed. Israel’s rogue leadership prioritizes conflict, repression and slow-motion genocide against an entire people.

“(M)ilitant Islam is on the march,” he ranted - failing to explain Israel supports ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorist groups ravaging Syria, partnered with Obama’s war.

Netanyahu: “To protect the peace and security of the world, we must remove this cancer before it’s too late.”

Fact: It exists because of US-led foreign support, Israel backing the “cancer” it claims it’s against.

Netanyahu: “…ISIS and Hamas are branches of the same poisonous tree.”

Fact: Hamas is Palestine’s legitimately elected government, the PA created by Israel to serve its interests at the expense of millions of Palestinians deserving better.

Netanyahu: “Hamas’ immediate goal is to destroy Israel. (It) shares the global ambitions of its fellow militant Islamists…(W)hen it comes to their ultimate goals, Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas.”

Fact: Netanyahu’s rant was utter rubbish, willful deception, ignoring the right of all Palestinians to live free from repressive occupation - from Israeli state terrorism, a regional and global scourge.

Netanyahu deplorably equated Iran with ISIS, calling it “The Islamic State of Iran,” despicably saying it’s responsible for global terrorism, a disgusting perversion of truth, his regime the leading purveyor of violence and chaos regionally and beyond - partnered with rogue state America.

Iran hasn’t attacked another country for centuries, fosters mutual cooperation among all nations, supports world peace and stability, forthrightly opposes nuclear weapons - Israel’s arsenal threatening the region and beyond.

Netanyahu repeated the bogus accusation of Iran pursuing a “path to the bomb” despite evidence proving otherwise. He never lets facts interfere with proliferation of misinformation and Big Lies.

Israel is the region’s only nuclear armed and dangerous state, governed by a criminal cabal Netanyahu heads - a world class thug, a threat to world peace and security, a despicable human being to boot.

“Once Iran produces atomic bombs, all the charm and all the smiles will suddenly disappear,” he blustered.

“There is only one responsible course of action to address this (nonexistent) threat. Iran’s (nonexistent) nuclear military capabilities must be fully dismantled.” 

Longstanding US/Israeli plans call for war on Iran, a nonbelligerent state threatening no others. The nuclear red herring is a pretext for planned regime change - maybe coming if Hillary succeeds Obama.

Netanyahu: “Israel is fighting a fanaticism today that your countries may be forced to fight tomorrow.”

Fact: Israel allied with rogue state America represents the region’s gravest “fanaticism” - state-sponsored terrorism, the most dangerous kind of all, both nations with sordid histories of high crimes.

Netanyahu: “We deeply regret every single civilian casualty…Israel (does) everything to minimize Palestinian civilian casualties.”

“No other country and no other army in history have gone to greater lengths to avoid casualties among the civilian population of their enemies.”

Fact: What utter rubbish!! Israel, like America, considers civilian men, women, children, newborn infants, the elderly and infirm legitimate targets in all its wars and daily repression.

Small Palestinian children are treated as viciously as adults. Torture and other forms of horrific mistreatment reflect official Israeli policy.

Netanyahu reinvented the history of his summer 2014 Protective Edge war on 1.8 million Gazans, imprisoned under lawless siege, no safe havens on the Strip to avoid Israeli terror-bombing, massacring defenseless civilians deliberately - in numerous cases entire families murdered in cold blood.

Israel’s only enemy is itself, the world’s leading rogue state after America, both nations partnered in each other’s high crimes - together representing humanity’s greatest threat.

“We live in a world steeped in tyranny and terror,” Netanyahu ranted. It’s headquartered in Washington and Tel Aviv.

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His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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US Ceasefire Scheme for Syria: Rendering It Defenseless

US Ceasefire Scheme for Syria: Rendering It Defenseless

by Stephen Lendman

John Kerry arrogantly demands no-fly zone imposition in Syria so government ground forces have no aerial support and protection - essential to effectively combat US-supported terrorism.

Washington pulled off this stunt before, when Hillary was secretary of state. Disaster followed - Libya raped and destroyed, its sovereignty replaced by endless violence, a US-supported ISIS infestation, utter chaos, and virtually an entire population suffering hugely because of US-dominated NATO aggression.

Washington wants unimpeded ability to ravage and destroy Syria more than already. The transparent scheme only damn fools would accept: ground Russian and Syrian military aircraft, US warplanes free to operate on the phony pretext of combating ISIS.

Up to now, Russia played the greater fool in negotiations with Washington, each time betrayed. How much US treachery is too much? What’ll it take for Putin and Lavrov to realize the futility of negotiating with its sworn enemy - bent on regime change, wanting pro-Western puppet governance replacing Russian sovereign independence?

Washington wants hegemonic control over all nations, unchallenged global dominance, dominion over planet earth, its resources and populations, naked aggression is main strategy of choice.

No amount of diplomacy will change things. Syria is in the eye of the storm. Stopping US imperial madness there is crucial. Otherwise Iran goes down next, followed by likely nuclear war on Russia and China - especially with Hillary in charge.

Moscow has a choice. Smash ALL anti-government forces in Syria (all US-backed terrorists), or face America’s imperial assault on its homeland.

Anyone understanding geopolitical reality knows this. Yet Russia continues wasting time on futile negotiations - failing every time with Washington. Deals it agrees to aren’t worth the paper they’re written on - systematically breached every time, phony reasons justifying the unjustifiable.

On Thursday, Lavrov met privately with Kerry - followed by both ministers participating in the 21-nation International Syria Support Group, a front for US imperialism, stacked with pro-Western countries, despite Russian, Chinese, Iranian and Lebanese participation.

Following Thursday’s futile discussions, Lavrov said “(n)othing has happened and we will continue our consultations. We will continue our work to guarantee the ceasefire in Syria…certain details need to be finalized.”

“Some of our partners (sic) tried to make the Syrian authorities take unilateral steps. We insist…the opposition must take steps as well” - especially to prevent ISIS and al-Nusra “from taking advantage of the situation.”

Chances for negotiating ceasefire in Syria, with all US-supported terrorist groups agreeing and sticking by their word, is ZERO.

Washington is the key problem, neocons making policy yielding nothing, bent on transforming Syria into another US vassal state ahead of regime change forced on all other sovereign independent nations - mainly Iran, Russia and China.

Hegemons operate this way. America doesn’t negotiate. It demands, forcing its will on others, pursuing a hugely destructive megalomaniacal agenda threatening world peace and humanity’s survival.

Russia should have drawn a red line long ago, halted futile talks with its main adversary, realizing the only language America understands is force. Its record speaks for itself.

Syrian liberation depends on Russia going all-out to help its Syrian ally defeat the scourge of US-created and supported terrorism. Nothing else can work!

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Media Scoundrels on Futile Syria Ceasefire Talks

Media Scoundrels on Futile Syria Ceasefire Talks

by Stephen Lendman

Chance for them succeeding is ZERO because Washington wants war, not peace, Syrian sovereignty destroyed, pro-Western puppet governance replacing it - explained numerous times before.

On Thursday, Lavrov said his government rejects one-sided ceasefire deals, Washington, its rogue allies and terrorist groups they support taking full advantage - regrouping, rearming and mobilizing for new offensives.

Yet he continues the futility of worthless talks with John Kerry, a waste of time, an insult to his intelligence, betraying millions of long-suffering people - knowing dozens of previous bilateral meetings and discussions accomplished nothing, nor will any future ones.

Perhaps one day Lavrov will explain why he keeps pursuing the unattainable. Is there a hidden explanation not readily apparent - surely not to expose US duplicity, a cold hard fact universally known.

All deals stuck with Washington fail, systematically breached every time. Hegemons don’t compromise. The time for dealmaking is over, a reality Russia needs to assert.

Yet following Thursday’s International Syria Support Group (ISSG) meeting in New York, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said member states “supported a proposal on introducing a time-limited regime of banning all military flights as a condition for resuming truce.”

If Russia agrees, it’s curtains for Syria, betraying millions of its long-suffering people. We’ll learn more after Friday talks conclude, maybe continuing into the weekend.

Media scoundrels support all US imperial wars, considering naked aggression humanitarian intervention, ignoring millions of lives lost post-9/11 alone.

The New York Times accused Obama of not being tough enough, letting “carnage drag on” in Syria - never once through years of conflict explaining it’s his war, using ISIS and other terrorist groups as imperial foot soldiers.

The neocon Washington Post headlined “Syria ignores Kerry and launches an offensive to recapture (areas of) Aleppo” held by anti-government terrorists, saying:

On Thursday, “warplanes pounded eastern Aleppo” - wrongfully saying Syrian and Russian aircraft bombed residential areas - a longstanding US strategy.

The Wall Street Journal said Geneva terms provide “few mechanisms for addressing cease-fire violations simply saying: ‘Any reported violations of the demilitarized zone by any party will be addressed by the United States and Russia.’ “

Violations let either side abandon the ceasefire charade at their discretion. Washington breached it straightaway. 

Continuing support for cutthroat terrorists, ludicrously called “moderate rebels,” shows clear US commitment for war - not ceasefire, not conflict resolution, not respecting Syrian sovereignty and rights of its long-suffering people.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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NYT Reinvents Middle East Reality

NYT Reinvents Middle East Reality

by Stephen Lendman

A previous article asked why anyone wastes time reading deplorable Times reports and opinions - all propaganda all the time on issues mattering most, notably when America goes to war, cheerleading what demands denunciation.

Asking how the nation’s next leader should deal with major geopolitical issues, its editors lied, claiming Hillary “advanced prescriptions for the Middle East, which mostly make sense” - while Trump “offered virtually nothing except fearmongering and notions that could make matters worse…”

The Times serves as Hillary’s press agent, ignoring her high crimes and extraordinary menace she poses if anointed to succeed Obama, bashing Trump relentlessly at every opportunity.

Reinventing Middle East reality, it ludicrously said “Obama seems to be making progress in Iraq,” failing to explain America has been at war with the cradle of civilization since Jimmy Carter instigated the 1980s Iran/Iraq war, lasting most of the decade.

It was followed by mid-1990 events leading to US naked aggression - longterm unrelenting savagery inflicted on Iraqis, taking millions of lives from genocidal sanctions, war, related violence, untreated diseases, a contaminated landscape, starvation and overall deprivation for 36 years.

There’s no end of things in sight, no prospect for restoration of Iraq’s sovereign independence or a climate of peace and stability replacing endless war and human suffering.

Times editors ignored what’s most important to explain. Addressing Syria, it called its “battlefield…even more confounding,” claiming “overlapping wars.” 

None exist except for US-supported Turkish aggression on YPG Kurdish fighters, along with Erdogan seizing northern Syrian territory, intending annexation unless challenged and stopped.

The Times persists in calling US-supported cutthroat killers, committing gruesome atrocities against defenseless civilians, “moderate rebels.” It calls naked US aggression “civil war.” There’s nothing civil about it.

It lied claiming “(t)he United States is bombing ISIS targets” - instead of explaining it supports the group and all others like it.

America’s so-called war on terrorism is a monumental hoax, leaving nations in ruins, claiming millions of lives so America can advance its imperium.

Times editors disgracefully blamed Assad for hundreds of thousands of Syrian lives lost, a despicable perversion of truth. They ignore US responsibility for one genocidal war of aggression after another.

They blame victims for imperial crimes. They betray readers by willful, malicious lying, supporting might makes right, endorsing wrong over right.

The self-styled newspaper of record operates as an administration/Pentagon press agent - propaganda substituting for truth and full disclosure.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at 

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Putting a Brave Face on Failure to Achieve Ceasefire in Syria

Putting a Brave Face on Failure to Achieve Ceasefire in Syria

by Stephen Lendman

When efforts to resolve differences between opposing sides of a conflict fail, diplomats deceptively say talks made progress. Discussions were constructive - code language for accomplishing nothing.

You’d think by now Russia would acknowledge the futility of negotiating with a duplicitous US adversary, making conflict resolution unattainable, no matter the amount of diplomatic effort exerted. 

Russia’s UN envoy Vitaly Churkin was less than candid, claiming Lavrov/Kerry talks on the sidelines of the UN’s 71st General Assembly made progress - ahead of the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) meeting Thursday afternoon at a New York hotel.

It’s largely stacked with representatives of pro-Western/anti-Syria nations, wanting Assad toppled, his government replaced, his nation raped and destroyed. It’s no impartial body despite Russia, China, Iran and Lebanon among its 21 members.

Lavrov had numerous fruitless meetings with Kerry since succeeding Clinton as secretary of state in February 2013 - no progress toward ceasefire and conflict resolution accomplished at any of them.

Whatever US diplomats and politicians promise, betrayal virtually always follows, the other side always blamed for America’s duplicity.

Chances for Lavrov achieving anything meaningful with Kerry for the remainder of his time as secretary of state is nil. He’ll leave when a new administration takes over in January, Hillary Clinton likely heading it, a notorious war goddess sure to escalate conflict, not resolve it.

Russia should stop wasting time on diplomatic futility and start preparing for the deluge next year - its own security hugely imperiled.

Chances for Hillary waging nuclear war is terrifyingly possible, maybe likely, humanity’s survival threatened if launched.

With neocon lunatics running the Washington asylum, headed by Hillary, all bets are off. Cataclysmic war could start any time for any contrived reason - a major false flag likely triggering it.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.