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An Anti-Interventionist Trump Agenda?

An Anti-Interventionist Trump Agenda?

by Stephen Lendman

Will Trump follow through responsibly on what he told supporters in Fayetteville, NC, saying: 

“We seek harmony and good will among the nations of the world, and we believe that respect for mutual sovereignty helps form the basis of trust and understanding.” 

“But we don't want people taking advantage of us anymore…We don't want that…We want to be the smart people. We don't want to be what we've been over the last long period of time.” 

“We build up our military not as an act of aggression, but as an act of prevention. We pursue and build up arms not in order to seek conflict, but in order to avoid conflict. We want to be strong. In short, we seek peace through strength.”

His remarks sent mixed messages. On the one hand, suggesting an anti-interventionist agenda. On the other, wanting greater US military strength at a time America’s only enemies are ones it invents to keep waging endless wars of aggression.

Saying “(w)e will stop racing to topple foreign regimes that we know nothing about, that we shouldn't be involved with” sends a positive message, adding: Instead, our focus must be on defeating terrorism and destroying ISIS, and we will.”

He may want more than he’s able to deliver, prioritizing guns and butter, saying he’ll spend greater amounts on America’s military while fixing its neglected infrastructure.

“We don’t want to have a depleted military because we’re all over the place fighting in areas that we shouldn’t be fighting in,” he said. “It’s not going to be depleted any longer,” while adding US policy of “intervention and chaos” must end.

How he didn’t explain. America’s empire of bases operates globally in scores of countries, its military footprint and imperial agenda the greatest threat to world peace, stability and security.

To what extent, if any, Trump intends diverging from longstanding policy is unclear. He’s under enormous pressure to continue dirty business as usual.

Is he strong-willed enough to go his own way? Will he end regime change practices, as pledged, or continue them?

Fighting terrorism first of all requires cutting off all support - by America and its allies. Without it, ISIS and other groups can’t exist. 

Their guns, tanks, artillery, missiles and other weapons don’t materialize out of thin air. They’re supplied by Washington, NATO, Israel and other rogue Middle East states - along with training and direction on their use.

Most often, political promises are breached once candidates take office. Obama broke every major one he made, his tenure reflecting deplorable rogue governance.

Will things be different under Trump? Judge him on his actions once inaugurated, not by his rhetorical pledges.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Israel's Illegal Land Grab Formalization Bill

Israel’s Illegal Land Grab Formalization Bill

by Stephen Lendman

The so-called formalization bill passed its first Knesset reading, a measure designed to illegitimately legalize annexation of Palestinian land. 

It calls for recognizing 55 illegal settlement outposts on private Palestinian land as officially belonging to Israel. Enactment will steal over 8,000 dunums, including 3,067 where 55 outposts are situated, along with furthering far more land theft ahead.

Peace Now calls the scheme “grand theft robbery.” Under international law, all Israeli settlements are illegal, land on which they’re built stolen from Palestine.

Israeli attorney Avichai Mandelblit general opposes the measure, calling it indefensible if challenged in court. It contravenes Israeli and international law, he said. Passage is expected anyway.

In revised form, it excludes the Amona outpost. Israel’s High Court ordered it demolished. The measure gives settlers “usage right” to privately owned Palestinian land, a slippery slope toward grand theft, Israeli practice from inception, already controlling over 60% of historic Palestine, heading toward stealing it all.

Commenting on the new bill, B’Tselem said “(d)ispossession of Palestinians was never a matter contingent on this legislation. It has been integral to the settlement enterprise from its very inception and is one of the most consistent trends in Israeli policy over the decades.”

B’Tselem’s new report titled “Expel and Exploit: The Israeli Practice of Taking over Rural Palestinian Land explains the disturbing history of three Nablus District Palestinian villages - ‘Azmut, Deir al-Hatab and Salem. Similar actions harmed hundreds of other Palestinian communities since Israel’s 1967 occupation.

Palestinian land is stolen, used for settlements and other illegal development. Dispossession follows, fundamental international law breached every time.

B’Tselem: “The separation Israel has created between the Palestinian residents and their farmland and pastureland allows settlers to build houses, establish outposts, dig pathways, plant crops and groves, graze flocks, and take over natural water sources on that land. Meanwhile, villagers are also regularly subjected to physical attacks.”

These practices are flagrantly lawless, “based on a skewed and manipulative interpretation of the laws that Israel itself applies in the West Bank.”

Forced separation of Palestinians from their land, water and other resources violates their fundamental rights. Israel “devastated the local economy, and propelled (Palestinians) into poverty and dependence on external bodies. Villagers were left in a state of insecurity on multiple levels: financial, food and social insecurity.”

“…Israel utterly ignores the needs of the millions of Palestinians living under the strict military regime in the West Bank that denies these residents the option of taking part in determining their future, robs them of their rights and their assets, and bars them from any possibility of maintaining an ordinary routine.”

As Israel increasingly encroaches on Palestinian land, Palestinians are left isolated on scores of bantustans in so-called Areas A and B.

They’re deprived of virtually all fundamental rights under brutal militarized occupation. The world community ignores them, complicit with Israeli viciousness.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Latest From Aleppo

Latest From Aleppo

by Stephen Lendman

According to Syrian field sources, government and allied forces control 85% of eastern Aleppo, few remaining districts held by US-backed terrorists.

They’re “now trapped in a small area after pulling back forces from the districts on the Eastern sides of the Citadel of Aleppo and the entire Old Aleppo quarter,” according to Syria’s military.

They’re “retreating towards the neighborhoods of al-Kalasa, Bostan al-Qasr (Bustan al-Kaser), al-Ansari, al-Mash'had, al-Sukri, al-Salehin, Karam al-Da'ada, al-Nezha and a small part of Sheikh Saeed that have remained thus far under their 

Numbers of terrorists surrendering daily continue. About 10 square km of the city remain to be liberated. Remaining elements asked for a five-day ceasefire on the phony pretext of wanting wounded evacuated.

It was rejected, Syrian MP Fares Shehabi saying “(w)e will not accept any truce. If (terrorists) do not leave the city we will continue our attack.” 

On December 8, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said “(w)e are close to reaching understanding (with the Americans), but we have no overestimated expectations.”

“If politicians again try to threaten us (and Syria with further) sanctions, this is a rather self-revelation step. It shows full political weakness of this group of countries.”

Commenting on the ongoing battle, Assad said “(l)iberation of Aleppo will mean the failure of a plot of regional forces and the West against Syria,” adding:

The decision to liberate the whole of Syria, including Aleppo, was taken right at the beginning. We have never thought of leaving any area unliberated.”

Aleppo is important because it’s close to Turkey, he explained, enabling terrorists to be supplied with weapons, munitions and other supplies.

“(T)hat’s why liberating Aleppo from the terrorists deals a blow to the whole foundation of the project, Damascus, Homs, and Aleppo,” said Assad. “That way the terrorists and the countries supporting them are deprived of any real cards.”

“We all know today that all Western and regional states rely on Turkey in implementing their incendiary and destructive project in Syria and in supporting the terrorists.” 

“Because Turkey has thrown all its weight, and Erdogan laid all his bets on Aleppo, the failure of their battle in Aleppo means a total transformation of the course of the war throughout Syria, and consequently the collapse of the outside project, be it regional or Western.” 

“For that reason, it is true that the battle of Aleppo will be a gain, but to be realistic, it doesn’t mean the end of the war in Syria. It is a significant landmark towards the end of the battle, but the war in Syria will not end until terrorism is eliminated.”

Once Aleppo is entirely liberated, “we will carry on with the war” in other areas until victory over imperial aggression.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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US Election Recount Follies

US Election Recount Follies

by Stephen Lendman

Each passing day brings things closer to ending Stein’s scam, her credibility tarnished beyond redemption - the recount having no effect on Trump’s triumph, just wasting time and money.

After seven days of recounting in Wisconsin, Hillary gained a mere few dozen votes. Trump is ahead by over 22,000.

In Pennsylvania, US District Judge Paul Diamond ordered a Friday hearing on Stein’s federal injunction for a state-wide recount, still unresolved as of this writing. 

The clock keeps ticking toward a December 13 deadline for completion. The Electoral College votes six days later on the 19th.

A partial recount so far in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware and Allegheny counties showed virtually no change in original totals. Trump is ahead by 47,750 votes.

On Wednesday, Michigan US District Court Judge Mark Goldsmith halted the recount, calling it unwarranted, saying:

“To date, plaintiffs have not presented evidence of tampering or mistake. Instead, they present speculative claims going to the vulnerability of the voting machinery - but not actual injury.”

It’s unknown so far whether Stein intends appealing to Michigan’s Supreme Court. It’s unlikely to rule for her if she tries. 

Michigan’s Court of Appeals ruled 3 - 0 against the recount, saying Stein’s low vote disqualified her as an aggrieved candidate.

Bottom line: her scam accomplished nothing except destroying her credibility, rendering herself politically dead, and undermining the Green Party’s reputation.

On January 20, Trump will be inaugurated as America’s 45th president. Nothing Stein does will change things. Her scam was dead in the water before beginning.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube Conspire to Censor Online Content

Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube Conspire to Censor Online Content

by Stephen Lendman

Powerful interests in America threaten alternative sources of news, information and opinion. 

Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube announced plans for a joint Internet censorship database on the phony pretext of eliminating “extremist content.”

Their scheme threatens media and speech freedom, likely aiming for sanitized online content only, independent views censored, threatening writers like myself and many others.

Reporting and opinions diverging from mainstream views risk being labeled “fake news” or “extremist content,” a slippery slope toward undermining First Amendment rights altogether.

The above companies and other IT ones agreed on a code of conduct, pledging they’ll work with the European Commission (the EU executive body) to “sanction (and) criminalize individual perpetrators (of) hate speech” online.

The EU threatened “non-legislative” action if online “fake news” and “hate speech” aren’t removed in 24 hours - censorship legislation to follow if the “non-legislative approach” fails.

The new database is expected to be operating by early 2017 - complicit IT companies collaborating against online speech and media freedom. 

On Tuesday, tech giants involved said they “hope this collaboration will lead to greater efficiency as we continue to enforce our policies to help curb the pressing global issue of terrorist content online” - meaning whatever America’s deep state wants censored.

Pre-WW II Louisiana governor, senator and presidential aspirant Huey Long said fascism will arrive here “wrapped in the American flag.” In his book “Friendly Fascism,” Bertram Gross described a slow, powerful, “drift toward greater concentration of power and wealth in a repressive Big Business-Big Government,” Big Brother alliance.

In the 1930s, famed investigative journalist George Seldes saw it coming, expressing concern over “merchants of death” weapons and munitions makers, saying the “healthfulness of the(ir) business depends on slaughter. The more wars,” the more profits.

Novelist Sinclair Lewis said it’ll come during hard times, led by a charismatic, self-styled populist champion exploiting human misery.

Norwegian sociologist/mathematician Johan Galtung correctly predicted the 1979 Iranian revolution, the Soviet Union’s dissolution, various economic crises and the 9/11 attacks.

He now anticipates the demise of America’s imperial project by 2020, its global preeminence ended, fascism taking hold, resulting from endless US wars, along with unsustainable economic, social, military and political contradictions, its government headed for collapse, led by a “strong leader” - Trump.

Yet “(i)f he manages to apologize deeply to all the groups he has insulted and turns foreign policy (away) from US interventions (and endless) wars, a major revitalization” is possible…We’ll see,” said Galtung.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Obama's Criminal Legacy

Obama’s Criminal Legacy

by Stephen Lendman

America and humanity are far worse off after nearly eight years of Obama’s high crimes.

Long ago, he should have been impeached, removed from office, prosecuted, sentenced and imprisoned long-term - his domestic and foreign partners in crime along with him.

He waged war OF terror on Americans and millions worldwide, countless numbers grievously harmed, many massacred by US wars of aggression, raping and destroying one country after another, peace and stability considered anathema.

He addressed national security and counterterrorism to a Tampa, FL military audience at MacDill Air Force Base, home to CENTCOM and US Special Operations Command.

Obama: “By the time I took office, the United States had been at war for seven years.”

Fact: America has been “at war” every year in its history from inception - at home and/or abroad.

Obama: “For eight years that I’ve been in office, there has not been a day when a terrorist organization or some radicalized individual was not plotting to kill Americans.”

Fact: The United States created and supports virtually all terrorist groups, using ISIS and likeminded ones as imperial foot soldiers.

Obama: “(W)e did not choose this fight, but once it came to us, the world saw the measure of our resolve.”

Fact: All US wars were ones of choice. No country anywhere threatened America since Japan formally surrendered in August 1945. 

Fact: US wars are waged to advance its imperium, wanting all sovereign independent governments replaced by pro-Western vassal states, seeking unchallenged global dominance, willing to risk destroying planet earth to control it, its resources and populations.

Obama: “The most solemn responsibility for any president is keeping the American people safe.”

Fact: They’re far less safe than any previous time in my lifetime.

Obama: “(W)e have been able, during these eight years to protect our homeland, to strike crippling blows against terrorist networks, and fortify our friends and allies.”

Fact: US inner city communities are battlegrounds. Militarized police are licensed to kill accountably. America supports terrorism, using death squads to further its interests.

Obama: “…I have…insisted that it is unwise and unsustainable to ask our military to build nations on the other side of the world…”

Fact: US foreign policy prioritizes it, wanting all nations subservient to Washington’s interests.

Fact: Wherever America shows up, genocide, mass destruction and appalling human misery follow.

Obama: “Dozens of terrorist leaders have been killed. Osama bin Laden is dead.”

Fact: Russia, Syria and their allies get full credit for waging REAL war on terrorism. Obama didn’t kill Osama. In December 2001, he died of natural causes, widely reported at the time.

Obama: “(W)e took the fight to ISIL in both Iraq and Syria…hit(ting) ISIL with over 16,000 airstrikes.”

America and its so-called coalition partners struck vital infrastructure and government sites, along with residential areas, hospitals, schools, mosques and other nonmilitary targets in Syria and Iraq since 2014 - not ISIS or other terrorist groups they support.

Obama: “ISIL has lost more than half its territory…The bottom line is we are breaking the back of ISIL.”

Fact: Syria, Russia, Iraq and their allies made significant gains against ISIS and other terrorist groups - in stark contrast to Washington’s support for this scourge.

Fact: Obama claimed credit for successfully combating terrorism in war theaters where Washington supports these groups - providing weapons, munitions, funding, training and direction, teaching them the fine art of committing atrocities, as well as use of chemical and other banned weapons.

Fact: Every so-called terrorist attack in America and much of Europe in recent memory was state-sponsored - false flags, deceptively claimed otherwise to scare populations into sacrificing fundamental freedoms for alleged greater security never gotten.

Obama: “We should take great pride in the progress that we’ve made over the last eight years. That’s the bottom line.”

Eight years of Obama’s tenure reflect a great leap backwards. America is neither fit or safe to live in.

It’s on a slippery slope toward full-blown tyranny, perhaps another major false flag away, ending remaining freedoms altogether.

Deep state power brokers running things may plan it this way. The worst of their pure evil could emerge any time.

Obama betrayed Americans and humanity, disgracing the office he hold. Will Trump go another way? Is he strong-willed enough to try?

Will whatever he does make a difference? As long as America’s deep state wants its interests served exclusively, the nation and world will remain a very dangerous place, no one well-served or safe anywhere.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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The NYT Can't Accept the Idea of US Defeat in Aleppo

The NYT Can’t Accept the Idea of US Defeat in Aleppo

by Stephen Lendman

After years of fighting, the city is nearly entirely liberated, most US-backed terrorists agreeing to surrender, in return for safe passage to Idlib province.

The battle for Aleppo could be over in days, except perhaps for mopping up operations. Instead of acknowledging America’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Syria, Russia and allied forces, The Times merely said “Syrian forces (are) driv(ing) deeper into rebel-held Aleppo.”

No rebels exist. All anti-government forces are US-backed terrorists, imported from scores of countries, doing America’s killing and dying for it. Of late, mostly dying.

The Times claimed “rebel leaders” dispute claims about being routed by government and allied forces. Reliable sources said they’re negotiating surrender, details perhaps completed in two days. 

Thousands of US-backed terrorists agreed to stop fighting and leave the city. Dozens of buses will transport them out, their safety guaranteed.

The Times: “Rebels were asking for all civilians who wished to leave to be given safe passage to rebel-held areas…(They) asked for safe passage to the countryside in” northern Aleppo province.

Fact: Virtually all civilians want freedom from US-backed terrorists’ captivity, forcibly held as human shields, brutally abused, many perishing at their hands.

None want transfer to other terrorist-held areas. Mostly, they want to go home once it’s safe.

The Times: “(R)ebel groups in Aleppo…called for a five-day humanitarian ceasefire and for the evacuation of about 500 people in need of emergency medical care, under UN supervision with security guarantees. Only then (will they) discuss a settlement.”

Fact: They’ve been negotiating surrender for days or weeks. No humanitarian ceasefire is being considered until Aleppo is fully cleared of its terrorist infestation. 

Fact: Syria, Russia and their allies alone are providing humanitarian aid, including medical care as needed. US-led Western countries, the UN and regional rogues states offered none.

The Times: “Once the humanitarian situation has been alleviated in Aleppo city, the parties concerned can negotiate the future of the city,” quoting an alleged statement by US-backed terrorists.

Fact: They already surrendered, final details alone to be resolved, Aleppo nearly freed from its scourge.

The Times: Terrorists’ “bargaining power is shrinking with their territory…”

Fact: No bargaining power remains. Terrorists have a choice - surrender and leave Aleppo or remain and die.

Syrian parliamentarian Fares Chehabi tweeted “(t)he Syrian army is about to end the largest & the longest hostage crisis in history by liberating all of E Aleppo.”

The Nazi siege of Leningrad lasted from September 8, 1941 - January 27, 1944 (2 years, 4 months and 5 days), 642,000 civilians held hostage. Nearly a quarter of a million perished.

US-backed terrorists seized Aleppo on July 19, 2012 - nearly four-and-a-half years ago, the number of residents affected uncertain.

The city’s population based on 2004 census data was around 2.1 million - less than half that number today in government and terrorists’ areas.

A US, UK, French, German, Italian and Canadian joint statement said “a humanitarian disaster is taking place before our very eyes,” disgracefully blaming liberating Syria and Russian forces for their high crimes throughout years of conflict nationwide.

The Times: “Rebels (sic) say (Russian/Syrian established humanitarian corridors) are not safe and that some civilians are afraid to leave for fear of arrest or conscription once they reach government territory.”

Fact: Corridors freed from terrorist attacks are safe for civilians to flee captivity to safety in government secured areas.

The Times and other media scoundrels support all US wars of aggression and others planned - ignoring its high crimes, along with enormous pain and suffering of victims.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Aleppo Largely Liberated

Aleppo Largely Liberated

by Stephen Lendman

News from Syria is the most encouraging since Obama launched naked aggression in March 2011 - using ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorist groups as imperial foot soldiers.

On December 7, Fars News headlined “Syrian Army On Verge of Epoch-Making Victory in Aleppo,” saying:

“Aleppo is to be announced a completely liberated city by the Syrian army any moment now after hundreds of terrorists surrendered to the Syrian army at the end of daylong secret talks with government officials in Eastern Aleppo, while the remaining few hundreds under a now very tight siege have agreed to the Damascus terms to evacuate the city in less than two days.”

On December 6, AMN News headlined “Jihadist rebels surrender almost all of east Aleppo.” Syrian and allied forces overwhelmed them. A last attempted counteroffensive at Karm Al-Maysar and Karm Al-Qaterjy failed.

A reported Russian/Turkish agreement was reached for remaining terrorist pockets to surrender. A Syrian army source said they’ll start leaving Aleppo in two days.

Their web sites and social media comments acknowledged defeat, saying “we are losing Aleppo but we will fight in other places.” 

According to Russia’s reconciliation center spokesman Colonel Alexei Leshchenko, “(a)fter long and difficult negotiations, a ceasefire agreement with the militants was reached. The talks were very tense and required a lot of moral effort.”

Around 3,000 US-backed terrorists surrendered, granted safe passage with family members to Idlib province. Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen television reported government forces freeing Aleppo’s historic city center from their control. 

Tass said 80% of Aleppo is in government hands. On Wednesday, pockets of terrorists continued shelling western parts of the city, likely not much longer.

A major battle appears won. Lots more fighting remains to liberate Syria entirely. 

At a Tuesday NATO ministerial meeting in Brussels, John Kerry said Aleppo’s “fall…will not change the fundamental underlying complexity of this war. If Assad takes over Aleppo, is the war going to end? No” - sounding very much like Obama intends continued military support for ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria.

Key is whether Trump intends ending it, cooperating with Russia in combating terrorism as he suggested while campaigning.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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NYT and WaPo Promote Ways to Dump Trump

NYT and WaPo Promote Ways to Dump Trump

by Stephen Lendman

Scoundrel media anti-Trump bias was scandalous throughout the 2015-16 political season -  unprecedented support for one candidate, Hillary, while inventing reasons to bash him.

Nothing in my memory since the 1940s approaches the disgraceful coverage during this political season’s race for the White House, concluded with Trump’s surprise November triumph few expected.

It’s over. He won. Hillary lost. Let it rest. Results won’t change. He’ll succeed Obama on January 20. Yet media scoundrels won’t quit - nor Hillary supporter Jill Stein, continuing her futile recount scam going nowhere, on the phony pretext of seeking “electoral integrity.”

On December 6, The NYT asked “how would the electoral college dump Donald Trump?” Recounts won’t work. “That leaves one last-ditch opportunity to bar (him) from the White House” - the Electoral College.

Suggesting it is advocacy, wanting November’s result overturned, endorsing a coup d’etat, making democracy in America more fantasy-like than already.

All it takes is for 37 electors to withhold support. If neither he nor Hillary gets 270 Electoral College votes, House representatives get to choose from the three leading electoral vote-getters. Republican control means they’ll likely go for Trump.

“Hillary won’t win (but if) faithless Republican and Democrat electors agree on (an alternate) Republican,” Trump might be dumped, said The Times.

Nothing approaching this scheme ever happened before in the aftermath of a US election. The Times admitted pulling it off is “a moon shot.” Suggesting it borders on sedition or treason.

The Washington Post suggested a similar scheme. Like The Times, it’s practically promoting the dumping of Trump, saying “Democrats’ best chance to prevent (him) from assuming the presidency is (by) throw(ing) their support behind another Republican…”

WaPo suggested Mitt Romney as one example, 2012 GOP nominee, not a candidate in 2016. If at least 37 Trump electors can be persuaded to dump him for an alternate choice, House members get to choose Obama’s successor.

Admitting the scheme “is a fool’s errand” begs the obvious question. Why suggest it in the first place, especially because it’s tantamount to undermining how things turned out - the way banana republic elections are orchestrated.

Suggesting “Trump poses a unique threat to the republic” is repugnant given no evidence suggesting it. He’s held no previous public office on which to judge him.

Nor has he begun serving as president. He hasn’t done anything yet, other than announce cabinet and other administration officials, most subject to Senate confirmation.

Judge him on policies he institutes once in office, not on disappointment over Hillary’s defeat.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Besieged Gazans Tormented by Israeli Viciousness

Besieged Gazans Tormented by Israeli Viciousness

by Stephen Lendman

Two million Gazans endure deplorable conditions under Israel’s siege, the UN saying the territory may be “unlivable” by 2020. 

It’s been this way for the past decade under siege, humanitarian crisis conditions exacting a horrendous toll, hugely exacerbated by three Israeli wars of aggression since late December 2008, the most recent one in summer 2014.

Gaza’s health system is woefully inadequate, unable to treat serious illnesses properly. Siege prevents most residents from seeking it elsewhere.

Those allowed out endure a bureaucratic nightmare for permission, often taking months to get, while serious illnesses go untreated.

Earlier I wrote about a woman with pancreatic cancer, needing surgery, unable to get it, saying “(a)t first, there was hope that I would be given an operation, but as time went by I stopped hoping. I am in pain and I know all too well that my disease is life threatening.”

She’s one of many examples. On December 5, the Electronic Intifada (EI) reported on Gaza women with breast cancer unable to get Israeli permission for treatment in Israel or elsewhere abroad.

“Israel is killing me slowly,” said Khuloud Abu Qamar. “And it is killing my children, too.” She had breast cancer surgery last year. Further needed treatment is unavailable in Gaza. She needs it elsewhere.

“Her applications have so far been rejected,” said EI. “Her plight is shared by many others in Gaza. Estimates from the local health ministry indicate that several hundred women with breast cancer have been obstructed from traveling by Israel so far this year” alone.

Suffering with breast cancer, 25-year-old Alaa Masoud said “I don’t want to die. I want to see my baby grow up to be a lovely young man.”

Israel tries blackmailing ill Gazans, granted travel permission for medical treatment in return for becoming Shin Bet informants.

Most refuse, breast cancer patient Dalia Abu Skhaila, saying “(d)ying in Gaza is much easier than betraying my people and country.”

“Breast cancer is a leading cause of death among women in Gaza, according to the health ministry,” EI explained. In 2015 alone, “(a)lmost 750 cases…were detected.”

Nearly a decade of Israeli siege imposes enormous hardships on Gazans. Medicines and hospital equipment are woefully inadequate.

“The problems facing the health ministry here are obvious,” said Rafah-based European Hospital oncology department head Dr. Ahmed El Shorafa.

“They are caused by the shortages in money and equipment. We need more medical centers and more staff to provide health education in all parts of Gaza,” he said.

Trapped by Israeli viciousness, seriously ill Gazans suffer and die for lack of treatment only available outside the Strip.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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